Home painting Remove Paint From Jig Eye

Remove Paint From Jig Eye

Remove Paint From Jig Eye. Dish detergent is also the first thing to try if you. Add the recommended fisheye eliminator and respray the affected area.

10 Custom Paint Ultra Minnow Jigs W/EYES + Spro Swivel BLACK/CHROME T&A
10 Custom Paint Ultra Minnow Jigs W/EYES + Spro Swivel BLACK/CHROME T&A from www.ebay.com

Place a towel down next to the window you will be scrubbing to make clean up easier. If the paint has dried, sand to a smooth finish below. String a horizontal wire and paint jigs individually with a model brush to avoid painting the hook eyeand hang by the hook bend on the wire and let dry for a day or so.

The Jigs I Paint Are For A Larger Manufacturer And Have The Eye Of The Hook Incorporated Into The Nose Of The Jig With Nothing Exposed, Totally Weedless.

Now take the piece of wire and run it through the hook eye removing all unwanted paint. Painted several thousand lead jigs over the years with testors model enamel paint. Jig eye buster remove the excess paint from the eyes of your jigs quickly and easily with this handy tool.

Add The Recommended Fisheye Eliminator And Respray The Affected Area.

If it is after you bake, take a paper clip and bend it out straight. Eyebuster includes a line cutter and lanyard hole. Comes with an added feature of a line cutter for jig fisherman.

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In this video we talk about the necessary tools. The tape gets burned a little bit, but stays in tack. This tool also includes a line cutter.

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Handle hole allows you to attach the tool to your vest, lanyard, key ring, etc. This is an introductory video on powder painting jigheads at home. Great product for any fishing trip.

Mertens Tackle Eye Buster Tool Jig Eye Paint Remover, Red.

You can remove old paint from jigs and spoons by soaking them in lacquer thinner. Thanks to 97 year old oscar dunaway for sharing this tool with us. The jig eye cleaner tool removes even epoxy paint effortlessly.

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