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Painting Atv Plastic With Krylon Fusion

Painting Atv Plastic With Krylon Fusion. Remove dust with a tack cloth. This product provides maximum rust protection for all outdoor projects and offers a broad color palette with multiple finishes and sheens for indoors and out.

Very lightly sand or wet sand between coats and clean plastic with water and dry before applying new coat. Used krylon fusion paint and tried several different grits of sandpaper till i finally decided that 320 roughed it up enough and the paint still cover up the scratches. It can cover old paint smoothly and deliver a shiny look.

I Plan On Painting My Atv Plastics Sometime Soon, Since I Just Got All My Mechanical Stuff Sorted Out.

I haven't really washed it since i did this. I have thought about wrapping them. It seem to be ok.

Use A Rag Or Sponge To Thoroughly Clean The Plastic Parts.

They still look good and the paint is holding up great! Be sure to allow the first coat to flash off before applying the second coat. I just used fusion on a set of old plastics.

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Link To Info/Product On Amazon] Spray Paint Specifically Made For Painting On Plastic, So That May Be Another Alternative.

I have used the krylon paints on plastic items with success, not sure about atv plastics. It holds up nicely, its been 6 months and 5 weekends to the dunes and they still look good with only a couple chips from hard riding, but all you have to do is mask off where the chips are and give it a little spray and you would never. This particular spray is fast drying and advertised to be fully chip resistant after seven days, making it a good choice for your atv.

I Then Took Some Alcohol And Wiped It All Down To Get Any Residue Off Of It And Painted Several Light Coats Of The Fusion Paint.

That being the case, i decided to do the whole bike. This can be a challenge so take your time and do it carefully. After a year, durability has been fairly good with no sign of chipping, or poor adhesion.

If Not, Krylon All They Way.

#2 ยท apr 22, 2009. Paint thinner and steel wool/rag to clean. I hear that krylon fusion is a good way to go, but since i've never done this, i'd like to get an opinion from someone that's done it before.

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