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Finger Numb After Spray Painting

Finger Numb After Spray Painting. I spray painted for hours yesterday and. Man did it bum me out!

Spray painting (pressing upon the spray can nozzle) for few hours may result in the numbness of the tip of the index finger lasting for several weeks, months or more than a year (106). So i'm not sure if the numbness is caused my the paint stripper exposure to my skin or if it was cause i was pressing so hard on the paint can for a couple minutes. Pressure on a nerve for a prolonged period of time can result in temporary numbness and/or paralysis.

I Just Used My Right Index Finger To Press On The Nozzle For About An Hour.

The tip of my index finger of right hand has gone numb after spraying a paint from can. When my spray finger gets numb i switch to my thumb and just rotate so nothing get's sore or numb. It happens to all finger shooters and is just part of the game.

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Also, The More You Shoot, The More Your Fingers Seem To Be Able To Resist The Numbing/Tingling.

I was wearing powder free nitrile gloves, the same i use when i'm working on my car, never had a problem. There is not much to do for numbness to go away, except avoiding pressure upon the affected fingertip. A whole seven pages about how your index fingers get numb sometimes when you spray paint.

Now The End Of Me Index Finger Is Still Numb.

Basically can take up to 3 weeks for the nerve to heal. Is is possible i have trapped or compressed a nerve, or that a chemical in the paint has caused this. To avoid adverse effects from permanent nerve damage caused by cts, you should visit your doctor and get a diagnosis as soon as you start feeling finger numbness after spray painting.

I Used My Index Finger To Press Down.

I didn't buy one of those thingies that you can put on the can to use instead of an index finger. Seems to have improved about 30% since the first day, but still various numb spots in the nail bed and finger tip. Can painting cause numbness in fingers?

If Symptoms Persist After A Day Or So, See Your Doctor For An Evaluation.

Warm or moist feeling in the hand, but is not always. Elbow bone is also paining? Since that time, (24 hours) my pointing finger (used for depressing the aerosol) feels anethetised.

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