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Army Painter Wolf Grey Vs The Fang

Army Painter Wolf Grey Vs The Fang. Wolf grey (047) pale greyblue (907) frostbite: Skull white* dead white (001) white (951) eternal white (1) pure white (9039).

GMM Studios (6/5/2010) Space Wolves
GMM Studios (6/5/2010) Space Wolves from gmmstudios.blogspot.com

Right now my approach has been to simply spray the models with army painters wolf grey, which is both a primer and a base, taking it straight to the same colour as gw/citadels layer paint russ. Wolf grey (047) pale greyblue (907) snow shadow (9021) lupin grey (151) cedee7: Wolf grey (047) pale greyblue (907) frostbite:

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Just A Quick Pic To Show Off Army Painter Wolf Grey Primer.

Desert yellow (1) tallarn sand. Baneblade brown (1) kehmri brown: Utilizing loads of heavy pigment for an excellent coverage the warpaints has been specifically designed to compliment an already existing range this paint is a 100% match of the colour primer of the same name.

The Way I Learned To Paint Wolves Was To Use Fang Grey Spray Primer, Then A Wash Of Agrax Earthshade, Then Russ Grey Over That.

The army painter offers many different paint sets. I've been painstakingly painting some new primaris marines with a base coast of the fang and then a layer of fenrisian grey to get the color. The fang is like a dark blue kind of colour.

Im Looking For Advice On Anything Related, As Im About To Paint A Massive Amount Of Models, That Include Pretty Much The Complete Range Of Space Wolves.

Newer to space wolves but i do like the. Skull white* white (101) dead white (001) white (951) white matt: Shadow grey* shadow grey (150) sombre grey (048) oxford blue (807) wolf grey (wp1119) 4e5067 :

They're More Expensive Than Citadel!) I Want To.

Regular price $3.99 sale price $3.99 regular price. Would wolf grey not be more grey than dark blue? Baneblade brown (2) kehmri brown:

I’ve Used The Ap Spray To Base Coat Close To 100 Space Wolves In The Past Year, It’s Pretty Much Exactly Russ Grey, And Being Able To Hit Everyone With A Base.

Army painter wolf grey is the closest match for russ grey. In fact, the army painter also do a blue grey primer appropiately called wolf grey, which would be even better, but i didn’t have it so i stuck with uniform grey. Wolf grey is a beautiful greyish blue colour, perfect for space wolves or urban fatigues, furs, monsters or as a great alternative to blue.

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